30 Days of Celebration: A Single Red Leaf

Life is lived in the little, so today I celebrate Fall.

It’s November, and my first one in South Carolina. And let me tell, you it’s BEAUTIFUL.

I was driving yesterday, and talking with my friends about that incredible moment of driving down a street full of fallen leaves. And when you drive through the leaves, they spray up everywhere, you know? And the golden light shines through the flaming trees, with leaves of every color.

I think it is ridiculously awesome that leaves change color in the fall. I mean, how often do we really stop to think about that? One of my favorite quotes about the goodness of God is from Shauna Niequist in her book “Cold Tangerines”. She says:

Right now, around our house, all the leaves are falling, and there’s no reason that they have to turn electric bright red before they fall, but they do, and I want to live like that. I want to say, “What can I do today that brings more beauty, more energy, more hope?”  Because it seems like that’s what God is saying to us, over and over. “What can I do today to remind you again how good this life is?”

I think we try way too hard to see the goodness of God, when it’s really just staring us in the face. Our morning coffee, crafted from the beautiful Creation God made. The smiles of our friends, made in the image of God, beautiful. None of it deserved, all of it given. There is absolutely nothing any of us did to deserve this world we live in, and it is an act of humility to thank God for it.

Because bright red leaves can be so easily overlooked, if we think we deserve them. We will just demand more. But when we realize that every ounce of our lives are given to us, suddenly a single red leaf becomes Christmas morning. Why does it turn red?? How does that happen?? Why does that happen??

Beauty. Just beauty. And then those leaves fall, in a moment that could be seen as death, and yet God brings more beauty as the car in front of you drives into them and they spray up like a fountain, creating life out of death, showering you with wonder.

Because that’s what God does, creates life out of death. For a single red leaf, and for me.

Happy fall, everyone.

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