Meet Maddie

I’m a writer because I know what it’s like to be the reader, curled up on the couch and searching for words that can balm the soul.

I write because this world can make us feel like we live on an island.

I write for “You too?” moments, those incredible breaths where you realize you’re not alone, that someone, somewhere under this big blue sky has felt the way you feel. I know the power in that, the kind of power to get you through a day or smile for the first time in weeks.

I’ve been there. And I write because I desperately want to you be there too.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. Whoever you are, however you have found my words, I pray that in some way they make a difference to you.

My name is Maddie. I’m 24, incredibly imperfect, but graciously saved by Jesus Christ. And that changes everything about me. You will find Jesus in my words because my story is nothing without Him, but everything because of Him.

I hope you find Him here.

Music is my passion, people are my calling, and writing is… well, writing is what fills my soul. I like to run (even though I’m not a natural), LOVE to dance (because I AM a natural. ha.), and you can find me reading young adult novels about space battles and ware-wolf princesses in my downtime (because, hey, I know worthy literature when I see it).

You will find some re-occurring themes on this blog, reflecting the seasons of my life as they come and go. I touch on mental health and the stigma it carries. Singleness and the loneliness it brings. And always, in every line, what God is teaching me in this life I learn.

I’m so glad you found me! Please take a seat and stay a while – these truths that heal my heart just may heal yours too.

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