30 Days of Celebration: The Discomfort Zone

30 Days of Celebration: The Discomfort Zone

I like my comfort zones, which is exactly why God rips me from them, I’m sure.

I used to live in my comfort zone. It was full of people, familiarity, knowing my place, feeding off of the opinions of others. I would look to people to know who I was, what I was doing, why I should be at peace.

I would say, on a good day, my comfort zone is 90% people and 10% time with myself. I’m an extrovert, to the max. So now, when my days are more lopsided than they have ever been, and I have way more alone time than I’ve ever had, I am having to learn to adjust. I am having to live in my discomfort zone, at least for a season, and it is painful but good.

I have to learn how to love myself, how to talk to myself, how to be with myself as I drive down the road or journal the day in my room. I know it’s good for an introvert to learn how to be with people, and for an extrovert to learn how to be alone. They’re both good.

What I’m doing today, though, is celebrating this change. It is good, and I will treat is as such. I know I am learning a powerful skill, and that time will make it easier. If I treat this season as the enemy, it will seem to me as such, but if I welcome it with open arms, for exactly what it is, I know I will learn so much.

Sometimes I get scared and I need to pray for God to open me up to the world around me, and to embrace it for exactly what it is. I’m not at college anymore, I’m not in the world I used to live in. I’m in a new one, but I’m still me. And I can be here, just as I could be there. It’s an adventure, and I’m determined to embrace it.